Nkololo is located in the Bariadi District in the Simiyu region of Africa.  Nkololo multi ward area has a population of approximately 22,000 residents.  The town of Nkololo is located just west of the beautiful Serengeti National Park. It is largely an agricultural region where families grow cotton and maze.  Some are fortunate to have cows and chickens.  Rice and maze is their staple diet. Transportation is largely by foot or bicycle.  However as the town is developing, motorcycles are becoming more popular.  Soccer is their favorite sport. Songambele serves people beyond the Nkololo region reaching approximately 250,000 people who otherwise would have no health care. Songambele and St. Peter Parish is the largest employer of the area, with a staff of approximately 65 men and women.



Store front in downtown Nkololo.
A community of faith and hope
Downtown Nkololo