Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc. provides funding for road construction and maintenance. Nkololo is an isolated area in central Tanzania located just south and west of the Serengeti National Park. Historically, people residing in this area have been peasant farmers and cattle herders. One of the unmet needs of the people was for a network of roads to ease the difficulty of traveling from village to village.

Without roads it was difficult to transport food, cotton, corn, and other traditional cash and food crops in and out of villages. Ox carts and bicycles were often used to transport sick people, since ambulances were not able to get to where they were needed. In recent years, thanks in part to the road building efforts of Fr. Paul, more people are becoming involved in other businesses.

Fr. Paul has overseen the construction and maintenance of more than 46 miles of roads in the Nkololo area.

Villages formerly inaccessible to trucks and smaller vehicles can now be reached under most weather conditions. Previously, school buildings were not built because the government could not bring in the necessary building materials. Now, most villages in the area have primary schools, and some villages even have secondary schools, thanks to the local roads Fr. Paul, builds and maintains.

Help Fr. Paul support continued road building and maintenance in the Nkololo area by supporting Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc.