Building More Than Roads... Building Better Lives

Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc. is an American nonprofit organization building and expanding health care facilities in the Nkololo village of Tanzania.


With the help of volunteers and your donations, we work to provide healthcare, and educate young men and women in Nkololo.


We continue the ongoing charitable work  begun in 1960 by the Reverend Paul E. Fagan (“Father Paul”), a Roman Catholic missionary priest.

Our organization seeks to continuously improve health care, road construction, and education for the Nkololo village. Read more about past and ongoing projects for Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc. by clicking on the links below.

As our primary focus, we provide funding for the expansion and operation of the Songambele Health Facility. Recently we completed a maternity center.  Currently we are establishing an orthopedic suite and private patient rooms. 

Education helps to break the cycle of poverty.  We fund tuition for youth.  We developed a building apprenticeship program (workers are paid) to construct facilities at Songambele.  Future funding efforts are in our plans to build and establish a professional nursing school.

 Without roads it was difficult to transport food, cotton, corn, and other traditional cash and food crops in and out of villages. Roads to Life has overseen the construction and maintenance of more than 46 miles of roads in the Nkololo area. 

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Improved health care improves lives. Play the video below to see the many smiles of Songambele.

Read about Roads to Life progress with letters from Father Paul:

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