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Songambele Hospital

Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc. provides funding for the expansion and operation of Songambele Hospital, which currently provides primary and emergency health care, obstetrics, basic laboratory services, surgical procedures, imaging, and an ambulance service. The existing facility includes a dispensary, a laboratory, a maternity ward, a surgical ward, and a 30-bed inpatient ward.

Songambele Hospital expects to continuing expanding and purchasing up-to-date equipment. The most recent addition to Songambele involved building a state of art pharmacy, 8 room private ward, new private clinic, reconstructed waiting area, admissions, billings, triage, 4 doctors offices, treatment rooms and an outpatient department for dispensing medicines


Patients can now receive the emergency care they need when experiencing a difficult birth, emergency surgeries such as appendectomy and hernia and  for diseases including Malaria, skin diseases, cholera, anemia, worms, typhoid, STDs, AIDS complications, kwashiorkor, and tuberculosis. Other common diseases are pneumonia, acute diarrhea, schistosomiasis, and malnutrition. Visiting medical personnel from the US and Bugando Hospital in Mwanza provide specialty surgical services such as orthopedics and ENT.  Songambele campus has a dentistry clinic and hopes to have an eye clinic in the near future.  Currently funding is being raised for a CT scan, orthopedic surgical instruments and ophthalmic equipment.

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