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Songambele Health Center

Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc. provides funding for the expansion and operation of the Songambele Health Center, which currently provides primary and emergency health care, obstetrics, basic laboratory services, surgical procedures, imaging, and an ambulance service. The existing facility includes a dispensary, a laboratory, a maternity ward, a surgical ward, and a 30-bed inpatient ward.

The Songambele expects to continuing expanding and purchasing up-to-date equipment. The most recent addition to Songambele involved a two-year construction project for two new operating suites, which opened in 2016, and a new x-ray machine that was first used early 2017. The maternity Center was completed in 2020.  

Before the opening of the surgical suite, the Health Facility possessed very limited equipment and had difficulty responding to emergencies. Emergency cases were transported by ambulance to the District Hospital, a trip which takes an hour depending upon road conditions. Unfortunately, many patients did’t survive the trip.


Patients can now receive the emergency care they need when experiencing a difficult birth, emergency surgeries such as appendectomy and hernia and  for diseases including Malaria, skin diseases, cholera, anemia, worms, typhoid, STDs, AIDS complications, kwashiorkor, and tuberculosis. Other common diseases are pneumonia, acute diarrhea, schistosomiasis, and malnutrition. 

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