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Medical Staff Education 

Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc. encourages and provides education in all forms to villagers of Nkololo. This includes a builders apprenticeship program, a visiting student nursing program, and future efforts to create a nursing school based in Nkololo.

Poverty limits opportunity for education. Families are expected to provide secondary school supplies, transportation, uniforms, desks, chairs, and food for the day if they send their child to school. Unfortunately, many families do not have these resources and because of Nkololo's remote location, families experience difficulties finding local schooling for their children.

Universal Primary Education has been government policy in Tanzania for many years. Because of the roads built by Fr. Paul, the government has been able to construct primary and secondary schools in some of the more remote areas of Nkololo. Even though improvements are being made in many communities, local schools still lag behind other Tanzanian schools. Many of the schools are overcrowded and have too few or under-qualified teachers.


The expanding Songambele Health Center offers many opportunities for education and employment for local villagers. Health care education is an excellent way to learn and serve others in the community.

Currently, the Songambele Health Center invites student nurses from other hospitals to teach Songambele staff and villagers how to provide proper infant care. Other groups will visit to provide CME to nurses to broaden their familiarity with different and more advanced procedures. This was especially important upon opening the new surgical ward, since more support was needed to begin treating more complicated cases.


Funding efforts are projected to begin in the near future for a Nkololo-based nursing program. Additionally, the program would allow for a "home grown" nursing staff that would provide care to their fellow villagers.

In addition to medical education, the Songambele Health Facility provides opportunity to gain experience in construction and building management. Fr. Paul recently began a builders apprenticeship program that aims to instruct young villagers of Nkololo in these areas and provide future employment prospects.  These workers are both taught and paid to assist with the continuous expansion of the Songambele Health Center. As Nkololo grows in population, these workers will be able to apply their skills and help develop the village.

Fr. Paul developed the “Changing Lives Forever Through Education” program.


In addition to paying tuition, fees, and room and board at the boarding schools, students purchase books, school supplies, transportation, and clothing. Money is also provided for medical care. 

By attending boarding schools, with graduation and possible college, university, or institute attendance, many students have an opportunity to further develop their talents.

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