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29 December 2011

Dear Friends,

I reckon some of the things that I find exciting in my life and in the lives of the folks around me might not strike most people as something to celebrate. Nevertheless I want to share with all of you two major events that are taking place here at Nkololo and that will affect our lives and especially the daily operation of our Songambele Health Center and future Songambele Hospital.

The first big change in Nkololo town and in St. Peter’s Parish is that we have electric poles and wires most everywhere you look. I believe that I mentioned in my last news letter that we are fortunate that the electrification program is being financed as far as we know, by the World Bank. In any case, we have not had to pay anything for the poles, wires and transformers. When the local Tanzania Electrical Supply Co. (TANESCO) puts in electricity the recipient has to pay for everything put on their property. I would not have been able to afford the cost considering my present financial situation.

Electricians are busy through out the town wiring homes and businesses and as I write an electrician is putting 220 V. wiring in our Health Center Wards. I guess that I could say that I knew that someday electricity would come to Nkololo but I really never thought that I would see it in my lifetime. Perhaps that means that I have lived longer than I expected or improvements are coming faster than I expected. Anyway I am happy to know that all of the road work, medical work, education, development projects and building a beautiful parish have all helped to put Nkololo on the map. Nkololo is the fastest growing town in Bariadi District. All of you who have helped me over the years have had a part in this momentous change in our area. Our major contribution was opening up the area by putting in a 14 miles gravel road 15 years ago. Nkololo has not stopped growing since that time.

Today is Thursday, 29 December 2011. On Monday the 26th, in early afternoon, 3 big trucks drove in an stopped by the church. I was here pretty much by myself as all of the workers were enjoying a day off after Christmas. I quickly welcomed them and showed them their work site. Who were they? The Shinyanga Builders Company. They came with a big well digging rig, a similar truck with a big generator to power a big compressor and another truck loaded with plastic pipes and gravel from Lake Victoria. I told you earlier that we had a survey team come from Mwanza. They found a site for water on our property within sight of the church. They came with heavy duty equipment that could drill right an 8 inch hole right through solid granite boulders. Praise the Lord there was good water flowing around those underground rocks and boulders. They stopped digging as planned at 292 feet. They then used the tremendous power of the air compressor to blow out water, gravel and dirt from the well. After putting in 6 inch plastic pipes they used their generator to power a submersible pump to pump out more water until it came out clean. Our taste test detected no salt which is a real blessing. It is now being tested for quality. I drank some and have no ill effects so it has my blessing.

God inspired me in 2010, my 50th ordination anniversary, to make a seemingly preposterous proposal to build a hospital, what with no electricity or water supply not to mention money. Now as 2011 ends we have the visible signs of two essential items. Please join us in prayer that the 3rd essential item, funding, will become available. Having heard of our well digging project two donors paid for the well. Now we need a submersible pump, pipes, storage tanks, electrical connections in a small house, underground wiring etc. That is just the beginning of a major project. I pray daily at our Diocesan Shrine of Divine Mercy the simple prayer “Jesus I Trust in You”. Without that Trust I doubt that I would get much sleep at night! Blessings for 2012.

Love and prayers to all.

Fr. Paul

Love and prayers to

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