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9 March 2015

Dear Friends,

At 4:00 p.m. this Monday afternoon the 9th of March, the sun is blazing hot and it is 93’ in my office. I want to do some outdoor work but with the unusual heat I will wait a bit. It is hard to believe that just a week ago yesterday I had Sunday Mass in Gasuma Center and drove most of the way there using 4 wheel drive to get through the mud. It has not rained since and the extreme heat is taking its toll on my garden even though we water it twice a day. The palms, bamboo and most bushes are hanging in there.

It is hard to believe the contrast between the weather here and that in Wisconsin when spring should be only a couple weeks away.

I want you to know that our Operating Suites building is complete except for adjusting the doors. We will be looking for equipment soon. We are working in conjunction with Bugando Referral hospital in Mwanza, a teaching hospital with 900 beds. The head of the hospital was here on 05 March for a Board of Directors meeting and he said that he would get a small team together and send them here along with some of their equipment so that we could get started with operations in a few months while we get out own equipment. Fortunately I built guest rooms and a guesthouse instead of a rectory so that I can welcome whoever comes. We also provide food and drink for a lot of people. But that is all part of getting the hospital up and running.

We are also building a 132’ x 32 ½ ‘ward that will have room for 20 to 30 beds depending on demand. We have the foundation built and when the limestone base hardens we will put in a rough concrete floor and will eventually be tiled. I will have some pictures of that soon. Work continues as funds become available.

The first week of Feb. we said farewell to two wonderful talented guests, Dr. Kurt Jorgensen and his wife Mary, R.N. from Prairie du Chien, WI They spent 3 weeks with us and much of their time was in our hospital. They we able to help in diagnosis of sicknesses and were especially helpful in giving us ideas for improving our service to the sick.

As our facility grows, so do our volunteer needs. We need someone to assist us in Nursing Administration and someone to help us organize our pharmacy. In the US we could use a webmaster volunteer and grant writers! If anyone is interested in learning more please contact Mary by emailing her:

We are also blessed to have medical architect Southern Ellis continue to help us with our plans. Funds still are not sufficient for this major project but we have been able to continue to “move forward” “Songambele” as funds come in.

Please pray that the movement forward will be able to continue. God Bless you all,

Love and prayers,

Fr. Paul

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