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Digging for foundation of the ICU

Thanks to generous donations from a private donor, we have the funding for a much-needed ICU! We've started with digging the foundation and are excited to start building.

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9 March 2015

Dear Friends, At 4:00 p.m. this Monday afternoon the 9th of March, the sun is blazing hot and it is 93’ in my office. I want to do some outdoor work but with the unusual heat I will wait a bit. It is

Surgical Suite doors are in!

Dear Friends, In my Christmas news letter I mentioned that at Christmas I would write only a page or two and then add a lot of pictures because the yearly 4 page letter was a daunting task and only ca

8 August 2013

Dear Friends, Greetings from Prairie du Chien, located on the banks of the Mississippi River and just north of the mouth of the Wisconsin River. I just ventured up the Wis. River yesterday, 01 August

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